Our Heart for God's House

We’re challenging you to ask God the same two questions we’re asking ourselves:

“What’s my responsibility for Your House?” “How do You want to use me and my gifts to build Your House and make it ready to reach more people?”

Here’s what we know: eternity will be forever changed by our commitment to pray and sacrifice to build a home where more people can come and find the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Your gifts to Heart for the House the weekend of May 18 & 19, will get us started right away. If you’re not able to give then, you can let us know you have a heart for God’s house and what you intend to give later in 2019 when you click “Future Gift”.

We love you,
Todd & Julie



Belle Glade

November 2018 we launched Christ Fellowship Belle Glade in the heart of the city. After 25 years of serving in the community of Belle Glade, we held our first worship service with over 320 people in attendance. We’re sharing the love and hope of Jesus in Spanish, English, and Creole. Since our launch, 53 people have chosen Christ as their Savior! Maria and Gus Guerra, who live in Pahokee, have been attending Christ Fellowship for 10 years and have been praying for us to launch a campus in Belle Glade. They have tried to invite their friends and family to church but the drive was too far for them.


In 2018 we launched PopUp to take Jesus to people who don’t even know they need Him. Taking church on the road allows us to launch in a new city without all the expenses of a traditional location launch… our investment has compounded impact as we use the same resources for each location. Monthly worship services are coupled with groups and digital content to connect people throughout the entire month. During our monthly services in Boca Raton and Vero Beach 80 people gave their hearts to Christ!

In 2019 God is calling us to expand Christ Fellowship PopUp. We’re looking for the right time to have 2 services per month in Boca Raton and Vero Beach. God has called us to reach into Riviera Beach with monthly services this year too. But that’s not all. We’ll be popping up in Westlake/Loxahatchee at Seminole Ridge High School in May, August, and October. Pray with us about God’s will for 13 acres of land we have an option to purchase in Westlake which could be the place for a future location. We can’t wait to see what God will do across these areas through PopUp.

Port St. Lucie

God is doing awesome things at our Port St. Lucie location as people are finding hope, freedom, and new life through Christ. Now that our new auditorium has opened, we’ve seen our parking lots overflow with people coming each week and bringing their friends. We have to make space for them to park easily.

This year we want to develop the land adjacent to our building from a grass and dirt field into easily accessible parking spaces.

Prison Locations

Florida ranks third in the United States for the largest prison system. We’ve had the opportunity to reach into prisons all over our region and be the light in an otherwise dark reality. Each week Christ Fellowship men and women are meeting with inmates, leading Bible studies and praying with people to receive Christ. God has positioned us to be an answer to an epidemic that has plagued our judicial system by bringing the hope and message of Jesus Christ to men and women who are in prison. This year, we will launch two Christ Fellowship campuses within these prisons. Our partnership with the prison system will allow us to increase the frequency and depth of what we get to do as we bring the Gospel, resources, and encouragement into prisons all across Florida.

CFSEU Growth

In partnership with Southeastern University in Lakeland, an accredited university, Christ Fellowship launched CFSEU in 2016. CFSEU is affordable and offers degrees in business, psychology, education, ministry, and worship. We’re able to invest in students’ character while they’re preparing for their career. We’ve already grown to 120 undergraduate students. This year we will be expanding to include master’s level degrees and we’re positioning ourselves to extend the invitation for quality education to students at other churches in our region.

Boynton Beach Kids

Our CFKids Ministry in Boynton Beach is thriving as new families continue to connect to the campus. We love that so many children are hearing that Jesus is their forever friend and that He has a special purpose for their lives. As the number of children attending has grown, so has the need for refreshed and expanded environments that will ensure that families experience quick and friendly check-in, age-appropriate resources, and life-changing programs.

Radical Transformation in people's lives and our region

With millions of people in our region who don’t know Jesus, we must continue to go and grow. So we’re all about creating places for people who are waiting to find the life-giving relationship that only comes from Jesus. God has given us bold vision for 2019. If no eye has seen it and no ear has heard it yet, we’re going to need to do some things we haven’t done before. We need to reach beyond our current places and spaces to provide a home for people to belong and find the love and hope of Jesus.

We will be bringing Our Heart for the House offering during service the weekend of May 18 & 19. But you can give online anytime. SEE PDF OF HEART FOR THE HOUSE BOOK >