We want to partner with parents to strengthen all our families!

One of the very special things about Christ Fellowship is the way we nurture children and young people. Your kids will have fun every time they come to Christ Fellowship, and they’ll also learn just how much God loves them.

Baby Blessing Celebration

Children are special and amazing gifts from God. At Christ Fellowship, we provide parents the opportunity to partner with us in blessing their children during a special weekend celebration.

Baby Blessing is for children age 5 and under


• Baby Blessing Parent Class

This class is required for participation in our Baby Blessing Celebration. It is for parents only. Programing for all kids will be available in our CFKids areas for all classes.

Baby Blessing Parent Classes are held three times per year on the weekends of January 11/12May 2/3, and September 12/13.


• Baby Blessing Celebration

Baby Blessing Celebrations are held three times per year on the weekends of January 18/19, May 9/10, and September 19/20.