Your Love is Holy

Did you know that your work is special? Have you ever thought of your work as being sacred? Now you’re reading this and thinking, “where in the world are you taking this?”

Your work, I mean EVERY TASK in your schedule is holy.  It is holy unto God.

Now you’re probably wondering, “what is holy, what does that mean? Like when Robin says to the Caped Crusader “Holy Ice Cream Cones, Batman!”

The word holy means set apart. It can mean set apart from the normal or the familiar. The word holy also means set apart for something special, something selected above everything else.

In The Bible, it says that the angels in heaven sing a song to God perpetually that has one word as the stand-alone lyric:

“Holy, Holy, Holy”

The angels are in the literal presence of God in all of His majesty and splendor; and when they look upon God sitting on His throne, their description of Him is to call him Holy. Set apart from the normal and usual, and set apart in a sacred place from all other beings. God created all things in heaven and on earth; but God, Himself was not creatED. He is the CreatOR. There is none like Him.

So consider your work, your profession – whether it be a business you run, a class you teach or a company you work for. And the tasks you have to manage – like doing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning. If you have children, you understand the word “work” very well. Making dinner, checking their homework, driving them around. If you have a spouse who sometimes forgets some of their responsibilities, now you have to do their tasks – pay bills or take out the trash. You get it, right? Ok.

All of this is holy unto the Lord in Heaven. And here’s why:

When you do it for God, you acknowledge that you are really working for Him. You are acknowledging that He is real and that He has first place in your life. And if you have ever read much of the Bible you see stories of people just like you and me who had problems, stresses and fears. They had tough work on their plate and were many times in difficult places in their lives. However, they acknowledged that God was true and faithful. They listened to God promise them that if they worked for Him and put Him first in every task, that God would make good on His promises to bless them. These people understood that doing their work well was an act of acknowledgment, of WORSHIP to God.

As a pastor at Christ Fellowship in South Florida, I have the privilege to lead a church in Stuart. I love working with people and helping them learn about God’s love for them and His plan for their lives. I love that I get to lead teams of people to go out into our community and serve people. I love the Sunday services that we produce with a message taught from The Bible, the music and all of the activities and great things we offer.

The part that I struggle with doing honestly is the physical labor in the set up of the church – and there’s a lot of it. For the first few years of our Christ Fellowship Campus in Stuart, we met in high schools, as we did not yet have a permanent location.  We had 50 road cases that we stored all of our equipment in. We literally found a way to pack an entire church into road cases. It was kind of like being a traveling salesman who constantly lived out of his suitcase in hotels. Every Sunday after our three morning services, I would have to rally people up to stay and help me tear down the church. We had to pack up the fifty road cases and wheel them back into storage containers across the school property, then sweep and straighten the school for classes on Monday.  Let me tell you, getting tired volunteers after three services to stay and skip Sunday lunch with their family to tear down was tough. Doing it EVERY WEEK for seven years was nothing short of a Biblical miracle, right below Jesus raising a guy from the dead!

I was at my most tired at that time on Sunday, yet I knew as a leader, I needed to roll up my sleeves and work hard so that others would follow my lead.  And I have to admit, there were times that I was so frustrated that I had to pull road cases and tear down heavy speakers.  I had to plead with people to please stay and then give them all assignments to do.  My stomach was grumbling and I could visualize my wife and kids sitting at a restaurant with church friends enjoying themselves and chowing down on a plate of food. One of my favorite things in the world is sitting in a restaurant with my family and friends eating great food. However, there is something even more important to me, that is God’s love for me and His church. So in the midst of my struggles every week, there was one thing I had to constantly tell myself and that was, “I’m doing this for God and it is holy unto Him.”



  • Mirnita Mosquera

    What if you work in the devil’s playpen?
    I am an Accounting and Office Manager for an adult entertainment club and have been asking God to remove me from here, I have yet to be moved as I have been here for 4 years. I try to think of it as someone needing to hear of God’s word or be touched by God but it is hard to be in the middle of what I consider hell! I attend Christ Fellowship in Boynton and that is my place of refuge and renewing of my spiritual strength to deal with what I deal with on a daily basis.