You Are Not Your Platform

As leaders, we can easily fall into the trap of linking our value with the size of our platform. We can dismiss our potential for impact until we are leading at the mega-church, we amass thousands of Twitter followers, or we write that New York Times Bestseller. "That day," we say, "all of this work will mean something. Then, I’ll finally make my mark!” We strive and strain, longing for the day when we can be seen as valuable.

Those ambitions aren’t necessarily wrong. God created us to dream and to look towards the future. If we’re not careful, however, what we’ll miss is the here and now. We will miss those who already look to us. It may be our spouse, that one faithful volunteer, our life group, or even a little brother or sister.

They’re not waiting for us to reach "superstar status." We have their attention now, and with it, an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to help them reach their full potential – to accomplish things they never could on their own.

You are not your platform.

You are uniquely designed by a Creator who has placed within you infinite worth. Nothing can devalue what God values. You are a combination of traits and skills that exists in no other person on this earth. Don’t wait to start leading with intentionality. Seize the day.

Here are three ways to get started:

  • Commit to being your best, here and now. Don't wait until "that day" to better yourself. Start now.
  • Invest without expectation of returns. The worst kind of leader is one who leads with ulterior motives. Give freely and generously.
  • Promote the success of others. Instead of seeing others as a stepping stone, try and be one for them. When others see you as someone who sincerely desires them to be the best they can be, they'll bring you along on the journey.

QUESTION: What is one thing that you do to keep the right perspective of success? Share your tip below!