Wear Your Own Shoes

There is nothing more rewarding than finding a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly! It’s almost as if those shoes were made and put on the shelf just for you. On the other hand, there is nothing more disappointing than when the shoes just don’t fit.


There is a saying I have heard over time, “Put yourself in my shoes.” I remember when there was a season in my life where I felt that I needed to fill someone else’s shoes. People would tell me, “you have big shoes to fill,” which never came across as encouraging to me. I would stress and compare myself to people I had known before, people around me and even people I didn’t even know walking down the street. I eventually began to believe a bunch of lies about myself. These lies started to take over the truths I knew like a poisonous disease. As a result, it caused a lack of confidence, approval and self-worth in my life. I was believing lies more than I was truths and most importantly, the truths that God says about me.


I remember reading the Bible, being able to believe it in its entirety, except for Psalm 139:14- “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” I could not read this verse and truly believe that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Until one day, God spoke to me so clear and said, “If you are going to believe my Word you must believe it in its entirety, including this verse.” It was at that moment, that God changed my heart and changed what I believed about myself.


Once I was able to believe this verse over my life, I began to realize that I was not created to fill someone else’s shoes. I was not made to even wear someone else’s shoes. My style, my shape, my size was different and unique to me and I was not supposed to fit in anyone else’s shoes, except my own. The shoes I wear represent the journey and path that God has for me specifically. He didn’t call me to be someone else, work like someone else or even lead like someone else. He did not force me to walk or talk a certain way or even dress to fit a certain mold. He created me to be me! He created me fearfully and wonderfully, with a purpose and design distinctly for me. He desired for me to be the woman He has called ME to be! And just so you know, He has created YOU with that same desire in mind.


The Creator of the Universe didn’t mess up when He made you. He has a purpose and plan for you and has designed you fearfully and wonderfully. So walk in the confidence of who He has created you to be…in your own shoes because those are your perfect fit!