Thrive – The Book of Ephesians | Week 1

Start Talking

  • Pastor Todd shared a story about how he was mistreated in middle school until his bully learned that his father was Coach Mullins. Then everything changed.
  • In our case, it might not be those around us that seem to forget the identity of our Father. It might be us who does the forgetting. Do you carry yourself like you know that your Father is the God of the universe?
  • How would your life change this week if you truly walk in the confidence of who you belong to?


Keep Reading

Read these scriptures out loud:

John 10:10

  • What does the word thrive mean to you? What do you think of when you hear this word?
  • Do you feel that you are currently living your life from a place of abundance? From overflow? Or are you barely getting by?


Ephesians 1:3-7

  • Did you clearly see the three distinct truths that were highlighted in these verses?
  • We have been chosen.
  • We have been adopted.

-     We have been set free.

  • Pastor Todd specifically pointed out that if you are adopted, you are wanted. Do you feel that you are wanted by God? What are some things that might hold us back from leaning into this truth?


Keep Talking

  1. God’s Power.
  • In Ephesians 1:17-20 we see several things that are available to us through Holy Spirit – wisdom, light in the dark places of our lives, and power through faith. Do you believe this to be true for yourself personally? Have you experienced the Holy Spirit in these distinct ways in your life?
  • What we believe matters. Boldness is a behavior that is born out of belief. In what areas do you lack boldness? This may indicate what you truly believe.
  • Have you given Holy Spirit complete access to every area of your heart and life so that you can fully experience His wisdom, light and power?


  1. God’s People.
  • Ephesians 1:18 talks about the “glorious blessings that will be yours together with all of God’s people.” In this verse we see that the church is not about a building. It is about people. We are better together. What areas of your life have been enhanced because of your fellow believers?
  • 1 Corinthians 12:27 teaches that we are all separate but equally necessary parts to the Body of Christ. Since we all have an important part to play, what is a step you can take to get more connected to the Body?


Keep Moving/Going

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you so that you can walk in boldness through His power.
  • Don’t just think or talk about a step you can take to connect to the Body of Christ. Once you have actively identified something you can do—make the concerted effort to actually do it.


Keep Praying

  • Prayer requests from everyone at group.
  • Pray


Keep Praising

“Glorious Day” – Passion

“Raise A Hallelujah” – Bethel Music

“Build My Life” – Pat Barrett

“Good Grace” – Hillsong UNITED