Thou Shalt Flourish

I love the SISTERHOOD swag that’s available for the sisters in the house to wear now. Identifying ourselves through the shirts, hats, bracelets – even tattoos –  is fun, but it’s also unifying. At Costco Sunday afternoon, I saw two Sisterhood shirts and another one at Publix. They made me smile and realize there are a lot of us… we really can make a difference.

The shirt that perhaps I love best says, “Thou Shalt Flourish” across the front. You see, I have flourished because I have been planted in Christ and the Christ Fellowship house for a long time. I wouldn’t be who I am, have friends who are truly sisters or have developed the gifts inside me, if I hadn’t decided long ago to plant my family.

Over twenty years ago God brought my husband and me to Christ Fellowship through the recommendation of a co-worker. After our first time, we knew we had found our church home. We got connected right away in a group of newly married folks and began walking through life together. That group became family and literally cared for us during a season when we needed it most prior to the birth of our second child.

After 3 ½ years at Christ Fellowship, Dave’s job, called us to move. The pain of tearing our roots out of the fertile soil of CF was real. God was faithful and we found church homes during our 3 years away, but our hearts never left Christ Fellowship. It was like pieces of our roots had stayed in the ground and were still there. We continued our friendships, visited during vacations and stayed connected through weekly VHS tapes of the services.

After being away for 3 years, God then gave us the decision of a life time… would we leave the very successful (by worldly standards) career that Dave had to come back and serve on the Christ Fellowship staff. As we were deciding, one factor pulling us back to CF was planting ourselves and our children in a place we could grow and flourish.

We had seen people of all ages called up to be all they can be in Christ. We had seen love and acceptance in tangible ways. We wanted our small children to know a place where their individual gifts and challenges would be shaped by people who really loved them and wanted God’s best for them. So we made the leap into full-time ministry.

If I don’t know you yet, I can’t wait to meet you. I’m now in my 14th year on staff. I’ve gone through seasons of growth, pruning, drought, rain, and harvest at Christ Fellowship and I wouldn’t trade one of them for anything. My encouragement to you is to get connected. Stay planted through the hard seasons when it might feel easier to pull away, because strength and stability come from being planted with deep roots… Thou Shalt Flourish!