The Principles of Multiplication

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  • Pastor Robert made a statement this weekend – “Multiplication is not a problem for God” – which we saw in the story of the multiplication of the 2 fish & 5 loaves. Can you think of other examples of this from Scripture? [2 Kings 4:1-7, 2 Kings 4:42-44; Matt. 15:32-38] Are there any examples of this in your own life?
  • “Giving is contagious.” Have you ever noticed that we tend to act, think, & talk like those with whom we spend the most time? What do you think would happen in your family, at your job, in your church, and in your community if you really started giving according to how God instructs us?



Keep ReadingRead the scripture and ask a question to get the group thinking

Read these scriptures out loud:


Luke 9:12-17

  • This passage is about the famous “Feeding of the Five Thousand.” Put yourself into this story as one of the disciples, like Pastor Robert did. How would you have reacted in that situation?


Hebrews 7:8

“Here mortal men receive tithes, but there he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives.”

  • Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus actually receives your tithes? How does that change your perspective when you bring your tithe to God at church?



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  • It has to be blessed before it can multiply.
    • Last week we learned about the Principle of First. It is when we recognize God as first in our finances by bringing our tithe to Him, that He blesses, or redeems, the rest.
    • How does understanding these concepts of recognizing God as first and knowing that God desires to bring multiplication change how you view & handle your finances? How does this impact your understanding of what God wants to do in other areas of your life as well?


  • It has to be given away before it can multiply.
    • Luke 9:16 tells us that after Jesus blessed the bread & fish, He gave it to the disciples, and the food was multiplied in their hands as they gave it. If the disciples had simply eaten the food after Jesus blessed it, there would not have been any multiplication.
    • When you tithe Jesus blesses the rest of your finances, but what do you do with the rest of what you have – do you “eat” it by using all of it on yourself, or do you ask God to show you where & how He wants you to give some of it? It’s only when we give away what has already been blessed that we can experience God’s multiplication.



Keep Moving/GoingCommit to a step and live it out this week

  • Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit what your next step should be in this area of giving & generosity. What is He speaking to your heart?
  • Pick one of this week’s key Scripture and make it a reminder in your phone. Spend a few minutes repeating it and thinking about it each day.
  • S.O.A.P out the Scripture this week.


Keep Praying

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