The Connection Intersection

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Every weekend our team of greeters welcomes people to church with a wave, a smile and an open door. Once service starts, they are free to go to the sanctuary and join in worship. One of our greeters recently finished with her volunteer responsibilities and walked into the sanctuary in the middle of the third song. There, she saw a woman sitting by herself who looked like she had been crying. This volunteer could have easily made the decision to give the woman her privacy and leave her alone. Instead she approached her: “Can I sit next to you?” The woman nodded yes and they ended up sitting together through the service. Afterward, the volunteer walked this woman over to an introductory class for getting connected at our church. As they walked, they talked and she learned this woman had recently lost her husband, that she was new to the area, feeling completely alone.

Fast forward a year and that precious woman is now serving as a greeter herself! She’s also leading a small group through a biblical financial planning class and keeping her spiritual eyes and ears open to the opportunity to help others who might feel alone or lonely. I love that this amazing greeter went above and beyond her responsibilities, recognized her part in the bigger picture, and made the connection with this woman in her time of need.

The connection intersection is where lives change.

Stories like this happen every weekend. Not long ago, I ran into a young man during one of our global volunteer appreciation events who was part of the traffic team at our Okeechobee location. As I spoke with him, I wanted to make sure he knew how important he is as the first person our guests see as they pull into the parking lot. If it’s their first time, they could be wondering “What do we do? Where do we go? We don’t know anyone here. Maybe we should just leave.” When they see this smiling young man, welcoming and guiding them to a place where they belong, his pleasant presence sends the message, “We’ve been expecting you!”

The roles our volunteers have go far beyond directing traffic, serving coffee or handing out programs. They are setting God’s table, creating a place for people to feel at home with God. And we never know how hungry the next guest may be for God’s love, hope and healing.

When your volunteers get that, they’ll be begging you to have them do more.

Next Steps

  1. Remind your team that what they are a part of is huge.
  • Share with them the vision of the ministry.
  • Show them how their responsibilities connect to that vision, our church as a whole, and to what God is doing in our region.
  1. How can you use your team time to connect your team to the vision and mission of the ministry?”
    Our volunteers want to know that the investment of their time has an impact.

It’s our job to take every opportunity to connect what our teams are doing to what God is doing in your ministry, in our church and in all places Christ Fellowship touches. You are at the intersection of an important connection. And just when you think they are tired of hearing this, that’s when they’re just beginning to get it. Keep saying it!