The Christmas Story

Keep Talking:

  • What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?
  • Has your family been able to replace consumption with compassion this holiday season? What are some things you have done?


Keep Discussing:


  • Read Luke 1:26-31
  • Our lives will be defined, and our future will be formed according to what we say “yes” to.
    • What situations have you said yes to when you didn’t know the outcome?
  • Pastor Julie said, “When you carry Christ within you, it will change the way you look.”
    • How has carrying the name of Christ changed you?
  • When you carry Christ’s name, you become the bigger person.
    • How can you carry the name of Christ in a bigger way?
  • When we carry the name of Jesus, it changes the voices we listen to.
    • So what voices are you listening to that will help you say yes?
    • What voices are you listening to that will keep you from saying yes?
  • Pastor Julie said that when Mary didn’t know what to do, she knew where to go- to visit her cousin Elizabeth.
    • When you don’t know what to do, where do you go?
    • Who is speaking words of faith over you like Elizabeth spoke over Mary?


  • Read Matthew 1:18-25
  • Pastor Ryan shared that Joseph was immediately obedient to the Lord and that we can be like Joseph in that we don’t need to understand completely to obey immediately.
    • What is God saying to you that you need to immediately obey?
  • Joseph wanted to make sure God got all the credit, so he waited to know Mary.
    • Where in your life do you need to wait so God can get the credit?
  • If we’re not willing to claim Christ as our own, He cannot be our Immanuel, God with us.
    • How will you claim Christ as your own?

Wise men 

  • Read Matthew 2:1-11
  • The wise men got to encounter Jesus because they were intentionally paying attention to the star that led them to Jesus.
    • What do you need to intentionally pay attention to that will lead you closer to Jesus?
  • The wise men didn’t just have an informed faith, but an active faith.
    • Is there an area in your life that God doesn’t want you to just be aware of, but wants you to actively be involved in?
  • As the wise men came to Jesus, they presented Him with costly/sacrificial gifts.
    • What sacrificial gifts do you have that you haven’t fully surrendered?
  • After the wise men encountered the presence of Jesus, their lives changed…
    • When you encounter the presence of Jesus, what can you expect in your life to be changed?


  • Read Luke 2:8-11
  • The angels showed up to the least likely people. (The shepherds)
    • How can you relate to the shepherds?
    • Where have you been stuck? Or have felt overlooked?
  • The Shepherds couldn’t go to all of the places that others could go to, so God came to them.
    • Where have you counted yourself out in the past and missed opportunities?
    • Where in your life currently are you counting yourself out when God is counting you in?
  • One step of faith changed everything for these Shepherds.
    • What is that first step of faith you need to take? (Forgiveness, giving, opening your heart, freedom, etc.)


Keep Moving/Going

What did the Lord speak to you through the nativity?

  • How can you carry the name of Christ this week?
  • What areas is God asking you to step out into obedience without knowing the outcome?
  • This week, take the time to reflect on what God is asking you to surrender to the Lord what you’ve been holding back?
  • What is an area of your life where you need to step out in faith?