Sister’s Keeper

There is something very special about a sister. The intricate way that God weaves two, three, four and if we’re beyond blessed, many more lives together in a way that is unexplainable. A sister is a friend, a confidant, a cheerleader, an encourager, a champion. Most importantly, she is a keeper of every special memory, conversation, tear, celebration and heart cry.  A sister, your sister is the keeper of your God story. And our collective sisters are the very special gifts that God has placed in our lives.

Maybe she is a co-worker, neighbor, Dream Teamer, Barista, mom, grandma, teen, smiling toddler, crying toddler, pastor, teacher, leader, mentor. She could be any one of these things, but most importantly she is the champion and keeper of all that God wants to call you up to.  You see, we need our sisters, we need the collective cry of God’s daughters to say, “Yes you can, yes you will, we believe in you.”  I don’t know what your previous experience has been with sisters. Maybe you don’t have any biological ones, and if you do, maybe your relationship hasn’t always been so great. But I am sure, you have some loving, fun, crazy, shenanigan-filled, spiritual sisters, aunts or grandmas that would love to come alongside you.

If there is one thing that I know to be true, it is that being a sister is intentional. Even more, being our sister’s keeper is purposeful. When we link arms as our sister’s keeper, we are saying:

  1. I will steward your story- I believe that every woman has a story. A beautiful tapestry that God is weaving for His glory. Each thread having a purpose, a season, an ending. We steward those threads in the time spent listening, praying, encouraging, celebrating and being delighted in her victories. These threads are close to our hearts because we know just how important they are to the overall tapestry of her life.

Sometimes we will be asked to hold pieces of that tapestry. Sometimes corners may begin to unravel or bunch up, but we are right there walking alongside; upholding because we know, her victory, is our victory.  We steward her story, not because we have to, but because we know that when God is done, it will be a beautiful masterpiece to behold, every thread placed just so for His glory.

  1. I will champion your heart- There is something so special about a woman’s heart. The way God has wired each of us from birth with the desire to love and be loved is unmistakable. When we champion our sister’s heart, it is saying I will love you in spite of. I will care for you, I will care about you and I will care about the things that break your heart.
  1. I will echo your God call- As our sister’s keeper, we see what she cannot see. Or put another way – we see who she could be. As we watch and celebrate her victories, God will reveal gifting, places of anointing and His favor over her life that sometimes she may not be able to tangibly hold. It is in those times that we lovingly call out those strengths. We call her up to her potential and destiny. Most importantly, we affirm God’s calling on her life.

So as you go through life, be intentional! Look for a sister whose life you can make a difference in. Being a sister’s keeper is full of purpose. Go ahead and steward her story, champion her heart and echo God’s call for her life. In the end, you will find not only is it fulfilling for her, as for how much more fulfilling it will be for you.