Remarkable Secrets

Jeremiah 33:3- “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”

There is something great about a secret. A secret is whispered, privately shared, never yelled- so it must be quiet in order to hear it. And in order to be quiet, we must have space and silence. It’s really challenging for someone to whisper something to me when I’m in the middle of noise, people and other distractions.  I have to create the space so I can hear and listen to what they have to share with me.

There must also be silence. In order for me to clearly hear and enjoy the secret, it needs to be quiet. They aren’t always repeated, so we have to listen and be ready the first time they are shared.

There are two questions I ask myself in order to listen- where do I need to create space? And where do I need to create silence?

What does space look like in our lives? Space is putting your phone down, leaving it in another room or even turning it off. Maybe instead of walking down the halls looking at our phones, we talk to God. I know for me, I have the time to create space, I just don’t always do it. Many times I catch myself filling in any free moment with checking Instagram, rather than just being. Rather than giving myself a chance to think, process or breathe, I am stimulating my mind with someone’s “Insta Story.” There are so many times where we miss out on opportunities to replenish ourselves with “space” because we are filling it with something or someone else.  But if I create the space, I’m allowing the Lord more room in my life. I am allowing Him to fill that space with ideas, thoughts and even dreams He has to share with me.

How about silence- what does that look like in our lives? Silence is setting time aside each day and week to simply listen to God. Instead of always listening to music or other noise, allow God to speak to you in the silence. Because in that silence, we will be forced to draw our focus to God and be in tune with what He wants to tell us.

There are secrets- REMARKABLE secrets that God wants to tell us- but He can’t if we don’t give Him the chance to.  So don’t miss out on what God wants to share with you…create the space and silence in order to prepare your hearts and minds to experience the remarkable secrets God has for us about things to come.