Praying for our neighbor, Wayne, an amputee. We have been praying for him, hoping he would allow us the privilege to share and lead him to Christ. I tried to explain that the hope of a hereafter is much better than spending eternity in Hell. He says he’ll already be dead, so hereafter won’t hurt since he will already be dead. He says he can’t have faith if he can’t see, taste or smell it. He owes a large amount of money, and is planning to take his life. after he gets his house sold and pays off the money.
PLEASE pray for his soul.

If you can recommend a nice Christian realtor, we would love to share the contact with Wayne. He is looking for one to list his house in Jupiter with. That could be the perfect way to share Jesus with him!!!

We have been going to Christ Fellowship for about 25 years. We are thrilled to be in the flock, and are so thankful for the Pastors and staff. We thank God for how He has blessed and used Christ Fellowship to share Jesus.
We love you all.

I am also praying that my Husband will join me as I step out in faith to volunteer at CF. I have had severe, chronic body pain for 32 years. I am praying that I will be able to volunteer.

We greatly thank you for your prayers for Wayne.