Matt Pilot

Campus Pastor

Matt and his wife, Kellie have two kids, Madison and Michael.  They have been a part of Christ Fellowship for 11 years.  Matt launched the Stuart Campus in 2006.  Matt enjoys jazz and classical music, basketball and ping pong, and loves being with his friends.

Latest from Matt

Think Big, Start Small

By Matt Pilot | Jul 28, 2016

The secret to building the vision God has given you. Christ Fellowship is an awesome church.  It is a church where people can discover their calling from God for their life.  Christ Fellowship attracts passionate leaders who get a vision to impact their world with the love and message of Jesus.  As a Campus Pastor,…

How To Get Work Done With the “Holy Mindset”

By Matt Pilot | Jul 7, 2016

The great tension. The tension between what I can do…and what God wants to do. As a Pastor, I feel a responsibility to lead, to move, to build, to do. I do not care much to just sit and pray and just read my Bible and … wait. I am action-oriented, goal-driven. I want to show…

Leaders Go First; Leaders Go Last

By Matt Pilot | Jun 17, 2016

If you have served on a team, you have experienced leadership. At Christ Fellowship, we are called to be leaders. We have heard Pastor Todd say: God has called us to lead the way so that we can see God bring radical transformation to our region. Indeed, we are seeing people stepping up to lead in…