Leaders Go First; Leaders Go Last

If you have served on a team, you have experienced leadership. At Christ Fellowship, we are called to be leaders. We have heard Pastor Todd say: God has called us to lead the way so that we can see God bring radical transformation to our region.

Indeed, we are seeing people stepping up to lead in our church. We are seeing radical transformation take place -- through people full of passion, full of Jesus and full of courage to stand out and step up to be a leader.  Many people are willing to work and sacrifice for God, but they need a leader to look to, to connect with and to get them moving forward.

I am one of these people that God called to stand out and step up in our church.  Seven years ago, God was stirring my heart for something more.  I had been a part of the Christ Fellowship team; but suddenly, I was given the opportunity to lead in a greater way.  I was asked to launch the Stuart Campus and lead a group of families to build church in Martin County.  These seven years have challenged and stretched me so much. I have learned first-hand what it is to become a leader that God can work through and that people will follow.

Leadership is not what we would always expect.  Leadership requires passion, commitment, and sacrifice.  I love this picture below - it represents Jesus’ view of true leadership.

The greatest example of an effective leader is Jesus.  He invested Himself in his disciples.  The writers of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are very careful to include interactions with Jesus and His disciples - teachable moments when Jesus would turn to them and explain how to serve, now to lead.  We can learn from Jesus what leadership really is.

Here’s the point: Leaders go first. Leaders go last.

As a leader, there are times when we must go last, and other times when we must go first.

Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. (Matthew 19:30)

In this passage, Jesus was commending His disciples for their great sacrifice to follow Him, to step in to their calling to lead and to preach the Good News to the world.

The key to being a leader is knowing when to go first and when to go last.

Leaders Go Last:

  • When the team reaches success, the leader gives the credit to the team.
  • When others on the team show great gifting, the leader creates room for those individuals to shine and to lead.  The leader “gives up” some leadership so that others can reach their potential.
  • After a big event, when everyone leaves for the night, the leader stays with the few to help tear down. He never leaves a team member by themselves to do the work.
  • When the team is sharing ideas in a meeting, the leader let’s everyone have a voice at table.  The leader speaks last.

Leaders Go First:

  • When the work is hard, the leader works the hardest.
  • When morale is low, the leader encourages and inspires.
  • When there is no forward momentum, the leader picks up the pace and creates momentum through energy, passion and easy wins.
  • When the path is unknown, the leader creates a path through clarity and goals.
  • When the team fails, the leader is the first to own responsibility.
  • When there is strife in a relationship, the leader initiates forgiveness and seeks to bring healing.
  • When there is a challenge, the leader sacrifices first and goes first by meeting the challenge head-on.

When God puts a passion in you for people, for His work, He very well may be calling you to stand out and step up to lead! Don’t be intimidated. Where Gods guides, He always provides. God is calling many people within Christ Fellowship to begin a leadership journey where God can begin to use them beyond all they could possibly imagine!


Joshua 1:8 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”