Jonathan Bonar

Director of Multisite Leadership Development

Jonathan serves as the Director of Multisite Leadership Development and Director of the Kaleo School of Biblical Leadership.  He originally moved to South Florida in 2002 to be an Assistant to Founding Pastor Tom Mullins.  Before this, he had served as an assistant to both Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. and Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church, where he met his wife, Cathryn Bonar.  In 2003, he became Senior Pastor of Life Church and President of Clinton Christian School in the Metropolitan Washington DC area.  In 2007, he returned to Christ Fellowship to look after the Royal Palm Beach Campus as their Campus Pastor.  While serving in this capacity, Jonathan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage Four cancer that had spread into multiple organs.  Six years later, after multiple surgeries and 3 types of chemotherapy, he and his wife continue to astound doctors with cancer-free scans and encourage patients and caregivers with the wisdom they gained along this journey.  He and Cathryn have three children: Shaylyn, Jonathan Jr. and Logan.  He is passionate about family, the Church, leadership and helping people thrive in the midst of cancer!

Lastest from Jonathan

Doing Laps with an all too familiar IV pole

By Jonathan Bonar | Aug 5, 2016

I remember a pivotal time in my journey through Cancer,  I found myself taking romantic strolls with the love of my life through the halls of a local hospital while toting an IV pole on wheels. This type of road trip I have become very familiar with as over the past year. I focus on…

Thrive with Cancer

By Jonathan Bonar | May 20, 2016

My kids have a great time on vacation, just coming along for the ride!  Recently, we took a road trip and visited family and friends throughout the US, we had a blast! When they said they had the time of their lives, I realized that I don’t bring them along enough in life. Through my recent…