James Duvall

Ministry Executive Director

James Duvall serves as the Executive Director of Creative and Next Generation Ministries at Christ Fellowship Church.  In addition James gives leadership and oversight to Southeastern University at Christ Fellowship.  James and his wife Lisa have served at CF for nearly 20 years.   James and Lisa have been married for 24 years with the blessing of raising three kids.  James is passionate about family, building church, Ohio State football and cycling.

Latest from James


By James Duvall | September 9, 2016

Have you ever been shortchanged? You’re at the store, paying cash for a purchase and realize, only after leaving the store, you have not received the correct change, or you have been overcharged. Or, you pull away from a drive-through only to realize that your complete order is not in the bag. We all know…

The Paceline – Better Together

By James Duvall | March 18, 2016

Several years ago, in an effort to put some regular physical exercise in my life, I took up the sport of cycling. Cycling has now become a form of replenishment for my soul. As with any new activity – especially one on a road — there is a learning curve. I had to learn a…