Four Perspectives About Possessions

Keep Talking 

  • What is your favorite store to go Black Friday shopping at?
  • Are there any deals you would camp out for?
  • If you were out shopping on Black Friday this year, what did you notice was the attitude of those shopping?


Keep Reading

John Maxwell said, “How we view things determines how we do things.” As you read this passage, look at it from the perspective of the robbers, priest & Levite, and Samaritan on possessions. Who in this story has the mindset of “Do for one what you wish you could do for many”?

  • Luke 10:30-37


Keep Discussing

Four Perspectives About Possessions

  1. What is yours is mine and I’m going to take it.
    • When have you found yourself coveting what others have?
  2. What is mine is mine and I’m going to keep it.
    • Read Proverbs 11:24
    • “A selfish person only ends up robbing themselves.”
      1. How have you seen this true in your life?
  1. What is mine is yours and I’m going to give it.
    • “Selfishness is all about me. Significance is all about others. When I lack gratitude it is almost always because I am focusing too much on myself.”
      1. When do you tend to focus on yourself too much?
      2. How can you focus on those around you this week?
  1. What is mine is not mine and I’m going to manage it.
    • We are supposed to sow what God has given us – being a river instead of a reservoir.
      1. As part of God’s postal delivery service, what “packages” has God given you to deliver to those in need around you? Can I give more than dollars? (Not just in need physically – think emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.)


Keep Moving/Going

  • Each person in the story had a reason not to help. It takes being inconvenienced… How can you look outside of yourself this week to “do for one what you wish you could do for many”?
  • In a season of the year that is often about getting, how can you increase your giving?
  • Start praying about what you can give for your Christ birthday offering this year.


Keep Praying

  • Thank God for the possessions he has blessed you with.
  • Pray that God would give you his perspective about his possessions and a generous, compassionate heart.