What gets you excited? Is it a great ball game with your favorite team winning in the last few minutes of the game? Or maybe it’s an unbelievable sale at the mall? There are many things that can capture our passions and excitement.

In our Luke chapter 10, the disciples returned from a deliverance service, celebrating that the demons were subject to them because of the name of Christ. Jesus corrects His followers, telling them to celebrate instead that their names are written down in heaven.

The most exciting thing for us as followers of Christ is that we have been forgiven—that God’s grace has washed over us. We have received what we do not deserve, and what we deserve, we have not received! That should bring a huge smile to our faces. When we ask Christ to come into our lives and forgive us of our sins, we are made right with God. That “righteous standing” is truly a priceless treasure that we could not obtain any other way—only through Christ.

It’s easy to take God’s grace for granted. Jesus reminds us that grace—God’s amazing grace—is worth a celebration! Take some time right now to thank Him for His grace to you. Let’s live everyday celebrating God’s grace in our lives!