Four Reasons Kids Walk Away From Church When They Grow Up

By Dale Hudson | Mar 16, 2016

There is a faith crisis happening in America.  Half of Americans who have left their church say they no longer believe in God.  And 25% of the nation now has no affiliation with any religion. These stats from a recent survey from Pew Research demonstrate a growing trend.  More and more kids are walking away…

Jesus and all that jazz

By Don Bray | Mar 10, 2016

Jazz is creative, unpredictable; it can be moody, raw, smooth, emotional. I find it authentic, real, in the moment. I love it. My wife loves classical music: ordered, structured, refined; it moves her emotionally, touches her creatively. My friend Scott Olson is a saxophone player who was trained both classically and in jazz. He would…

You Are Not Your Platform

By Brian Taylor | Mar 2, 2016

As leaders, we can easily fall into the trap of linking our value with the size of our platform. We can dismiss our potential for impact until we are leading at the mega-church, we amass thousands of Twitter followers, or we write that New York Times Bestseller. “That day,” we say, “all of this work…