Embrace Change

Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of changes in my life. You can’t always prepare for change, but in my experience, I’ve learned that if you’re flexible in those moments, you discover that the changes wont break you.

Our son is in the Marines and he and our daughter-in-law live in Michigan where he is serving at a joint military base. They gave us our first granddaughter almost 2 years ago. When she was born, she was tiny, about 7 pounds of pure awesomeness!

Now Michigan is a long way from Florida – although I know they could be much further away & for this we are thankful– so it’s not very often we get to see our little Nina. It’s amazing how much she changes in a very short amount of time. The last time we saw her she was just starting to find her legs and testing a few steps out at a time. Now, just a few months later, she’s full out running and climbing all over furniture! Her words are coming now, too. I expect the next time we see her, in less than a month, she’ll be saying G-Mommy & G-Daddy! I can’t wait for that day!!

Why is it that I love these kinds of changes? I look forward to them. But when other things change, I cringe. Like when people move away. Or when they stop carrying your favorite flavor of ice cream at the grocery store. I think changes in ministry are hard too.

Our senior pastor, Todd Mullins, reminds us often, “we are a going church – if we aren’t going, we aren’t growing.” Going and growing mean change is coming!  That statement reminds me of my granddaughter. If she didn’t grow, she wouldn’t be changing so much so fast. And that would mean there’s something wrong. That wouldn’t be good. Because she’s changing, we know she’s thriving. That’s very good!

So when a hard change comes to my area of ministry, I remind myself that change is healthy. Without it, we will stop growing. Good leaders prepare themselves for what they know and remain flexible in things those changes that may come as a surprise. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." Change is coming. Are you ready?