Ladies – can I tell you I have had the busiest last couple of weeks? I mean really, the kind of busy where I was jumping from one thing to another and have had to stop and ask myself, “Did I brush my teeth today?” I know, crazy but I’m not going to bore you with my details because most likely you’re having a similar week or season.

Most of us just slip into these times when the responsibilities at home, with kids, at work, in the ministries we serve or even helping out friends all have deadlines or seem to peak at the same time. We might not have even over committed. It’s just a busy time.

If I get real for a minute, I want to share that I struggle with walking (or running) through these times with enough grace and sensitivity to truly be loving to the people I am interacting with as I get my 100 item checklist done. Maybe you’re like me and are mostly a Martha who has to work at making time to be Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus.

I have to remind myself to stop and make time to really be with Jesus, listen to God during these times rather than skip through a quick quiet time (so I can mark it off the list).

We are part of the Sisterhood and have agreed to “the code” – you know, we’ll get spinach out of each other’s teeth and keep each other’s confidences…ladies, keeping confidences is a big part of the code, so I don’t mind sharing with you that I’m going Mach 5 with my hair on fire with you. But honestly, I don’t think God wants everyone around me to know the kind of week I’m having.

I think He wants me to first, look to Him. Get focused and centered on Him. What if the greatest assignment He has for me this week isn’t on my “To Do List?” I don’t want to miss the divine appointments He has put in my path because I’m so busy that I don’t stop and love on those around me…or if I do stop, all I can do is talk about how busy I am.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have this figured out. I am constantly working on taking time to quietly sit with God and listen. But I do know that when I am faithful to make that time, to listen and stay tuned into God’s Spirit throughout the day, my too-many-things-to-do days are so much better. I get more done. I have more joy and hopefully because I am focused on Him, I’m ready for the divine interruption God gives me to love on someone who really needs it.

So, I’m thinking we can help each other. If I see you intentionally loving those around you and being present rather than just hurrying through your day, it will remind me and vice versa. Thanks Sister, I’m so glad we can work on this together.