Andrea Parsley

Worship Team

Andrea Parsley is a creative, contemplator, coffee addict, beach lingerer, music lover and adventure craver. She fell in love with a good-looking pastor who keeps her on her toes and laughing every day. She and Brad now have 5 beautiful, talented children and are loving this journey of life with Jesus. In 2013, their family traded the rocky mountains of Colorado for the ocean breezes of Florida where they serve with the vibrant community of Christ Fellowship. Andrea is a sold-out church-girl and is passionate about sharing who Jesus those in her local church and community, across the ocean and around her dinner table.

Latest from Andrea

The dream that didn’t die on a dusty road in Uganda

By Andrea Parsley | March 20, 2016

It was a perfectly harmless lunch until I took a big forkful of salad, and my friend asked, “So, are you living the dream?” I started chewing slower, trying to digest what she said. I stumbled through my answer as I mumbled something about sacrificing for my family and that “someday my time will come.”…