Andrea Lathrop

Ministry Executive Director

Andrea serves on staff at Christ Fellowship as Executive Director of Ministries. She gets to look after Connections, Discipleship & Care. Previously, she served at The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, Texas for over eight years in the areas of Executive Pastor, Community Relations, & Missions. Her favorite roles she plays are being the wife of Justin Lathrop (for over 16 years) and being mom to McKenna (11) and Parker (8).

Latest from Andrea

Ministry Needs Margin

By Andrea Lathrop | September 4, 2016

For most of my life, I’ve done a terrible job of creating margin. I feel like the last person on the planet who should be writing on the subject. But I guess I have made some progress because I have figured out how to make time to write this blog! I would love to share…

When you’re in conflict, don’t take yes or no for an answer

By Andrea Lathrop | June 16, 2016

As a wife, a mom and a full-time pastor, my life is full of plenty of conflict. It’s not always loud conflict or bad conflict necessarily, but whenever you put multiple people in the same house, family, church or organization together, there will inevitably be conflicting opinions, ideas, needs and wants. When it comes to…