Staff Update

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UPDATE: 10/7/2016 8am

CF Team,

We are so grateful that the storm’s path has remained further east than yesterday’s forecasted track and the impact in our area has been minimal. Further, now that the storm has past us, many of the roads are safe for travel.  These are both very encouraging and we are grateful to God for this report.

Our goal is to meet at Gardens Campus at 1 PM today.  Please report to the Life Center and we will direct you from there for where we will meet. If you were assigned to a hurricane prep team, please report to where you began working with your team on Wednesday. This work session is for all salaried employees, plus all hourly employees who are regularly scheduled to work during this time.  If you are not typically scheduled at this time and are interested in working, please check with your supervisor for guidance.

We’re aware that some staff have left town, if possible, please make plans to return and help us in preparing for weekend services when travel is safe.  

The leadership team will be meeting prior to your arrival to evaluate the situation and finalize our plan. We will get the teams deployed as quick as possible. Be sure to wear comfortable work clothes, closed-toed shoes, etc.. Please bring battery drills and work gloves if you have them. 

We are also monitoring the impact of the storm to our north and working with leaders in the area to know how we can best help and serve them and their communities. Let’s continue to pray for the storm to be pushed to the east…and not come back!

Directional Leadership Team