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Staff Update

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Update 10/6/2016 11:30am

CF Team,

We want to give you a status update and provide you some guidance for the next few days.

But first, thank you very much for all the hard work and team work you demonstrated yesterday to help prepare our campuses for the storm!  You did an amazing job rallying together.

Because the storm forecast is saying the the impact on our region could be significant, we are modifying our plans for after the storm.  It is our first priority that you secure your home and address any urgent needs there (and for those of your neighbors) once the storm passes.  Once you are able to stabilize those areas—or if you don’t have such a circumstance and are available soon after the storm—we will ask that you attempt to report to your home campus and also to your core leadership, as reporting & work relationships suggest (for those that report to both, please try to connect to both areas).  Unless you are a leader, it may not be necessary for you to arrive on Friday, but for those who are near the Gardens campus, any help to do some basic immediate response could be quite helpful.


The current storm track shows that more significant impact may be felt from points Jupiter and North.  If you live in those areas, we especially want to make sure you know what we will be responsive to your personal situation and needs.  All staff, please do whatever is reasonable to let your supervisor know your status and location as soon as possible after the storm.  Supervisors, please be sure to communicate to your leaders all the way to Exec Team so we can have a full view of how everyone is doing and can be prepared to assist.

Instead of a staff work day on Friday afternoon, we are planning that our workday will begin early Saturday, at 9 AM.  Our goal will be to get all campuses that have electricity up and running for weekend services.  Please report to Gardens Café 242 area – UNLESS you have been directed to report to your specific campus for clean up. We will send emails as long as power is available at our Gardens campus and we will simultaneously post the same updates to a special web page for staff at

 Keep an eye on special text communications, too.

Also we have decided to POSTPONE Baptism Weekend.  Teaching teams will be getting more info from Pastor Todd later today in regards to sermon – should our power or technology be weakened.

If you have any questions, please communicate through your supervisor/leader and we will get the answers as best we can.  Right now just take a moment and pray for our church family. Pray for God’s peace and protection over them. Pray that this storm falls apart and turns out into the ocean.

We love you and are standing with you.

Direction Leadership Team