God describes the church as a family – His family – a place where each one of us can belong. Down deep we all “long to belong” – to have that place where we are loved for who we are…just as we are. God’s family is that place. At Christ Fellowship, we’re building a home where people like you and me can find our way to God and grow in our relationship with Him. Church isn’t about religion or doing religious activities, it’s about a relationship that we get to have with God through His son, Jesus Christ. That’s why Christ Fellowship is in NYC – to help more people find life in Jesus. And we’re inviting you to help us build a church that will bring freedom to the captives, open up spiritually blindedeyes and set the prisoners free. Join us on a great adventure!

NYC is full of people and God loves people more than anything. People are drawn to big cities to chase after their dreams and ambitions. The truth is New York City cannot fulfill what they are searching for – only Jesus can.

Every day people are giving their lives away to realities they believe will fulfill them. It’s not a question of if people are worshipping, but rather what are they worshipping. We want to help people find the only One that when you focus on Him, your life takes on true meaning and purpose.

There’s no other city in the world like NYC – a true melting pot of diversity, talent and ingenuity. What happens here impacts culture, changes the nation and influences the world. What if NYC prospered spiritually? That would not only change the city but would forever change the world.