All of us want to be generous and live the abundant life we learned about in our #FreeToBe series. If you are inspired to achieve financial freedom but aren’t sure what to do next or you just want a refresher course on a few of the most popular topics from Financial Peace University, join us for one or all of these 90-minute seminars. Based on feedback from our church family we are offering three different session to address your questions about budgeting, getting rid of debt and investing.

Cash Flow Planning

Not sure how to budget, want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, or just want a better handle on your personal finances join us for Dave Ramsey’s lesson on Cash Flow Planning. This 90-minute session will provide some basics on budgeting and give you time to ask questions specific to your personal finances.

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Dumping Debt

Over 80% of Americans have non-mortgage debt and most of us are drowning in it. This 90-minute session will give you some of Dave Ramsey’s practical steps on the wisest method to pay-off your debt quickly. Learn how a “debt snowball” works and how to apply it for your personal finances.

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Investment and Retirement Basics

After we have paid-off debt and saved our 3-6 month emergency fund, many of us don’t know how to get started investing and saving for retirement. Join, Michael Wall, president of Wall Financial Group and financial advisor, for a 90-minutes session as he lays out some basic principles for investing and retirement, gives you specific questions for finding and interviewing to find the right advisor for your needs, and answers your specific investment questions.

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