Christmas is almost here, and every year our Christ Birthday Offering makes it possible for the light of Jesus to shine on the needy, the hopeless and the spiritually lost… from our neighborhoods to the nations of the world. That kind of love is revolutionary! It’s the kind of love that trades commercialism and traffic jams for transformation and hope… one life at a time.

Every dollar given in our Christ Birthday Offering goes to spread the message and love of Jesus to those in need, providing food, water, housing, schooling and medical care – to thousands of children from our own neighborhoods to the nations of the world. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are making a difference…and your sacrifice makes it possible.


We celebrate what you’ve done this past year: serving faithfully, giving generously and loving from the heart.

  • Your love is reaching more young people in Belle Glade.
  • Your sacrifice is caring for orphans in Haiti.
  • Your giving is equipping thousands of pastors in Cuba & Guatemala.

We will be expanding our mission in Haiti, Honduras and Cuba. We’re bringing the love of Jesus to our community through Hope for Freedom, Homeless Resource Center, Belle Glade Life Center, Place of Hope and many other local ministry partners. To find out more, download booklet.

Pastor Todd and Julie are asking everyone to generously give their best gift to Jesus, and together we’ll make Christmas last for more than just one day. Every dollar goes toward helping the hurting, lonely and afflicted in our community and around the world.