Q. Can I have a full-time job and still attend Kaleo?

A. Yes, most of the participants in Kaleo have full-time jobs. The classes are held in the evening, beginning at 6:30PM. The workshops are Friday evenings and Saturday morning to accommodate most work schedules. There are overnight retreats at the beginning and end of the program that are held on Thursday afternoons through Friday; however, you will have these dates well in advance.

Q. Do I have to be called in to full-time ministry to participate in Kaleo?

A. No! Kaleo is designed for believers who are currently leading others spiritually, actively serving in the church, and sense a calling to grow in their spiritual impact by using biblical leadership principles within their sphere of influence. This is not about working in a church – it’s about serving in the Kingdom.

Q. How often will new classes begin?

A. A new group of Kaleo students will start every January, with graduation, following the 15-month term, in the first weekend of March.

Q. How much is tuition for Kaleo?

A. For Kaleo groups launching in 2016, tuition is $2500, payable before classes begin. Books and resources, retreat and workshop expenses will be covered.

Q. Are there any additional expenses?

A. There will be limited additional expense. Some additional expenses may include activities you do together as a cadre outside of the scheduled classes, such as meals or fun events.