Other Helpful Information

Q. How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

A. The following are prerequisites to begin the admissions process for Kaleo:

  • Actively serving in a Christ Fellowship ministry for a minimum of six months
  • Participation in a Life Group or equivalent Biblical community that nurtures spiritual accountability for a minimum of six months
  • Exhibit core spiritual competencies and biblical literacy

Q. What are some of the spiritual competencies and biblical literacy that you are looking for?

A. An example of some of the spiritual competencies include:

  • Understanding your identity in Christ
  • Knowing and incorporating the spiritual disciplines
  • Living principles of financial stewardship and generosity
  • Good understanding of the foundational truths of the christian faith
  • Knowing and using your spiritual gifting
  • Leading other followers of Christ into spiritual health and maturity (disciple-making)

Our Discipleship Ministry offers courses on these topics which will allow you to further your study on any of these.  You can view course offerings by clicking here.

Q. When can I apply?

A. The Kaleo application is online and available year-round. Please feel free to apply when you feel confident that you have met the eligibility requirements. The months in which applications are actively reviewed and responded to are May through August, in preparation for the following January’s launch.

Q. How often does Kaleo launch a new group?

A. A new group of Kaleo students will start every January, with graduation the following March. (Total program length is 15 months)

Q. How do I apply?

A. Click here to begin your application.

Q. When will I hear from someone after submitting “The Application”?

A. During the active application review season (May – August), applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Kaleo applicants will be notified on a bi-weekly basis as to whether your eligibility for Kaleo has been confirmed.

Q. When and where do I complete “The Interview”?

A. If your eligibility is confirmed after successful completion of “The Application”, you will be notified via email with a link to continue to “The Interview” process.

Q. If I am selected to complete “The Interview”, when will I hear from someone after submitting the information?

A. As noted in the “2015 Application Timeline”, we will be notifying all approved Kaleo Candidates of their acceptance into the January 2015 Launch by October 5.

Q. Can you please explain “The Cadre Draft”?

A. One of the definitions of the word “cadre” is “a small, unified group with a shared purpose.” Cadres are known primarily for two things: 1) their high level of skill and 2) their loyalty to one another. As a student in Kaleo, you will be assigned to a cadre and will journey together through the 15-months as a group, being led by a Christ Fellowship Cadre Leader. Because your fit in the cadre is such an integral part of your overall Kaleo Experience, we want to make sure you are set up for success and find the best fit and timing for you and the other members of your cadre. Typically, cadres will be formed around shared experiences or similarities of focus; however, we also strive to bring variety, diversity and balance to the cadres as well. All phases of the Kaleo application and selection process are bathed in prayer, and “The Cadre Draft” is no exception. If we determine there is not a good fit for you in the upcoming launch, we will notify you and place you on the priority list for a future launch.