GK Studios is for children in 1st through 3rd grade and NITRO is for children in 4th and 5th grade.

Worship in the GK Studios and Nitro is a time of song, praise, and Bible study that is geared toward children. Biblical truths are presented on a weekly basis through a variety of age appropriate and dynamic avenues! Children will enjoy dramas and inspiring worship.

During the program our children will also have the opportunity to participate in Life Group activities with children their age. Read more about Life Groups below. We highly encourage you to get involved with what your child is studying and to make applications throughout the week!


Starting Line

Helping kids step across the line of faith and become lifelong followers of Jesus.

Have your children been asking questions about accepting Christ or being baptized? 

If so, we welcome you to attend Starting Line and find out what every child needs to know about Jesus, Faith, Heaven, Baptism, and Spiritual Growth. This is a two-session class where parents and children (grades K through 5) can learn together what it means to follow Jesus. Starting Line is required before being baptized and meets at each of our Christ Fellowship campuses. 

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Family Baptism

A special Family Celebration for kids who are ready for Baptism. Must have attended Starting Line Class.

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