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Full of Faith

By Todd Mullins | Oct 21, 2016

I want to be a person who is full of faith—walking in the confidence of who God is and completely trusting in His power and ability. Don’t you? Stephen was such a man, recognized for being “full of faith and power.” He didn’t shrink back from those accusing him falsely. Instead he launched into a…

Filling Your Good Ideas

By Greg Reade | Sep 21, 2016

Christ Fellowship has always sought to express God in the most creative ways possibly. Creativity done with excellence helps tear down walls between God and people. Creativity makes the gospel feel understandable, more relevant to people. One of our leadership values is “Excellence increases Influence.” Ps. Tom often says “excellence honors God and inspires others.”…

5 Inexpensive Ways to Value Volunteers

By Dave Simiele | Sep 19, 2016

No matter how small or how large your church is, volunteers are the heart and soul of its potential. Our role as multisite leaders is to identify, equip, and release volunteers. But we can’t effectively do these things without valuing them. Communicating the value we place on volunteers is easier than most leaders think, and…

A Disciplined Life

By Shaun Blakeney | Sep 16, 2016

Who loves discipline?  I don’t think there is anyone on planet earth that loves discipline.  No one truly loves being disciplined or having discipline. Being disciplined and having discipline are really the same thing. The definition of “discipline”: training to ensure proper behavior. I can remember when I was a kid and I would get…

Teaming up for the win

By Julie Mullins | Sep 12, 2016

1 Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.” Everyone wants to be on a winning team and it’s no different in the church. Leaders help people win by setting them up for success. And that takes organizing, planning and most importantly,…


By Todd Mullins | Sep 10, 2016

What gets you excited? Is it a great ball game with your favorite team winning in the last few minutes of the game? Or maybe it’s an unbelievable sale at the mall? There are many things that can capture our passions and excitement. In our Luke chapter 10, the disciples returned from a deliverance service,…

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