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By Don Bray | Jun 19, 2016

On weekends our adult special needs son rides Tri-Rail commuter train from his group home near Hollywood, Florida sixty miles north to the Mangonia Park station near our home.   At the end of his stay he heads back to Hollywood on the train. Conductors know him and make sure he gets off at the right…

Leaders Go First; Leaders Go Last

By Matt Pilot | Jun 17, 2016

If you have served on a team, you have experienced leadership. At Christ Fellowship, we are called to be leaders. We have heard Pastor Todd say: God has called us to lead the way so that we can see God bring radical transformation to our region. Indeed, we are seeing people stepping up to lead in…

When you’re in conflict, don’t take yes or no for an answer

By Andrea Lathrop | Jun 16, 2016

As a wife, a mom and a full-time pastor, my life is full of plenty of conflict. It’s not always loud conflict or bad conflict necessarily, but whenever you put multiple people in the same house, family, church or organization together, there will inevitably be conflicting opinions, ideas, needs and wants. When it comes to…

Opportunity for Unity

By Julie Mullins | Jun 13, 2016

Core Value – All for One Ephesians 4:3 says that we should… “Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” and that we are “to be defenders of the unity.” Several years ago we went on a family trip to Italy. While we were there, I couldn’t help…

From living under a bridge to serving soup

By Life Missions | Jun 12, 2016

Before you read this story, simply note who is blessed here. It’s not just Erin, who got off the streets and is now reaching out to help others. It’s not just Isabelle, who got to serve Erin and serve alongside her. It’s not just Donnie, who was part of the whole thing and saw the…

Thrive with Cancer

By Jonathan Bonar | May 20, 2016

My kids have a great time on vacation, just coming along for the ride!  Recently, we took a road trip and visited family and friends throughout the US, we had a blast! When they said they had the time of their lives, I realized that I don’t bring them along enough in life. Through my recent…

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