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Are we There Yet

By Shaun Blakeney | Jul 16, 2016

“Are we there yet?” These are 4 small words that can cause anxiety in the calmest of parents. We’ve all either heard these words spoken from the back seat as parents or we’ve said these 4 words from the backseat as kids. I remember saying those 4 words many times. When I was in grade…

Three Skills You Should Develop in Your Leaders

By David Kush | Jul 13, 2016

Volunteer leaders in church are dealing with life’s stresses all week long. We only share a small portion of their week and we have to make the most of those moments to make a lasting impact on their lives. So how can we be more effective with time we spend together? How can we equip…

What You Need To Know

By Reid Smith | Jul 10, 2016

Your Quick Start Guide to Leading Life Groups Have you ever been in a high-pressure situation? One in which you needed to know the facts, but had to act quickly? Imagine a friend needed YOU to jump in and lead their life group at the last minute. What would you need to know? These principles…

How To Get Work Done With the “Holy Mindset”

By Matt Pilot | Jul 7, 2016

The great tension. The tension between what I can do…and what God wants to do. As a Pastor, I feel a responsibility to lead, to move, to build, to do. I do not care much to just sit and pray and just read my Bible and … wait. I am action-oriented, goal-driven. I want to show…

Stop Doing Ministry

By Daniel Young | Jun 23, 2016

I want to ask you a question and I don’t just want you to read it and move one. I want you to actually take a moment to think about it and then write it down. On a scale of 1-10 how passionate are you about what you are currently doing in ministry? My guess…

The 5th Word of Scripture

By Greg Reade | Jun 21, 2016

When I use to lead at our Wednesday night student services I remember one night I had a student vocalist lead a new worship song we’ve been introducing in our church. It was a tough song, the bridge had a really high part so everyone was curious how she would do. She absolutely crushed it,…

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