Day 8

“I also give you all the best olive oil, the best new wine, and the grain that is offered to God as the firstfruits of their harvest—all the firstfruits they offer to God are yours. Anyone in your household who is ritually clean may eat it.” – Numbers 18:12-13

Farming sustained the Israelites’ life. Lacking the local Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Publix, or even a refrigerator, their meals revolved around their crops. Each year as the new crops began to grow, they began anticipating new crops since they were still eating the crops from the previous year. That is a long time to eat leftovers! As they gathered up their first load of grain, or their firstfruits, it may have been tempting to use their fresh, new grain to make a tasty loaf of bread. But instead, they ground it into fine flour and delivered it to the Temple as an offering to God.

The Israelites gave God their firstfruits as a way of telling Him, “We trust you to come through.” Firstfruits were a sign of things to come. They trusted God to provide more crops for their families. Unless we are farmers, our firstfruits will look a bit different from for the Israelites. What are your firstfruits? Is it your time? Is it where you pour out your passion? What is your best? Some people advocate for quiet times first thing in the morning, but that may not be your best.

What God desires is our best. What God desires is first place in our lives. Put God first, give Him the best, and depend on Him to provide the rest. God is faithful and He will always come through.

  • True Blue

    I always put God first, I depend on him to provide what he sees fit for my needs. In Jesus name, Amen!

  • Wendy

    I’m learning to put God first, in all that I do.

  • Elaine Saramago

    Dear God please help me if I am not putting you first in my life. I desire to do that everyday and shine for you wherever I am, like John Maxwell preach it New Year’s Day I want to continue to be the salt of the earth and light to those in darkness.

  • S.M459

    I am learning through these days of prayer and fasting that I haven’t always put God first. I’m learning to walk according to his word. I pray that he gives me the strength to withstand temptation and faith and trust to stay the course.

  • Lisa Hadebe

    God give me wisdom,strength and courage to put you first. As l am doing it now during this prayer and fasting,l pray this will be my lifestyle, l thank you for my church,and these devotionals thank you Lord,amen..

  • Lynne Campbell

    God first

  • Nancy Blocksom-Varney

    I have been taking my time with God in the mornings. I take my coffee, my bible and my I pad outside and listen to Daily Audio Bible ( Bryan Hardin). That’s how I start everyday
    . Thank you God for our time. 🙏🙏

  • Sandra Negri

    For me putting God first is surrendering and trusting God with every aspect and trusting him with his will and plan for me even when I may not understand. Our God is a faithful Father and I trust him completely. May it be His will not mine. In The precious name of Jesus. Amen. 🙏🏼 ✝