Day 10

“Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine.” – Proverbs 3:9-10

We might read this verse and conclude to ourselves, “If I just tithe my 10 percent, then I’ve got it made. I will be rich beyond measure if I’m just faithful with my tithe.” But we must keep in mind the first six words, “Honor the LORD with your wealth.” Most of us may not consider ourselves wealthy because the term wealthy is relative. Another word used for wealth is possessions. Is God honored through what we own? If you do not know, then ask Him! First Corinthians tells us, “whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (10:31 ESV). How do we honor God with our phones or other electronic devices? How do we honor God with our choice of television shows or movies? As hard as it may be to turn away from some of these things, we are turning to God and He will provide for more than what we gave up.

A missionary in South Africa traveled weekly to a nearby village to have a Bible study for the women in the village. One week the only woman attending the study was the woman living in the home where they met. The missionary shared about giving that day and at the end the woman asked if giving her only two-rand coin (worth about a quarter) to a beggar would be an acceptable gift to please God. Even though we would say she gave out of her poverty, according to these verses she gave out of her wealth. 1 It wasn’t about the finances, it was about her faith. She wanted to honor God with everything that she had. How can you honor God like she did? Is there something He wants you to give up so He can be honored and lifted up?

  • Julie Phillips

    LORD stir my heart to recognize opportunities each day to give you my best!

    • Tremain Smith


  • True Blue

    Yes, and I did! I gave it all up yesterday. I feel amazing about it! God your plans are awaited. I know what you have in store for me is so much better. In Jesus name, I trust and pray, Amen!

    • Tremain Smith

      I come together and agree with you on that True, Amen!

  • As we pray for God’s blessings over us, asking Him to enlarge our tents and expand our territory, this is an important point. I don’t see how He could bless the 90% He already gave us if the 10% that’s His is still sitting in our bank accounts.

  • Lisa Hadebe

    Lord with your guidance,lead me to honor you God.l am willing to give it all to you,for it belongs to you anyway. Amen

  • Elaine Saramago

    Lord I give up my daughter today so she can experience your glory. She has given a lot. She has been faithful with her money and preaching the word around her peers. Please show your glory on that audition she has today. Give her confidence and peace beyond our understanding in your name I pray.

  • S.M459

    Lord, I pray that any opportunity that arises through out the day that I am not giving you my best you will place it on my heart. Father my will is to give my wealth to you but I wary in steadfastness to stay the course and faith to see me through. Father please pray your will upon my life. These things I pray in your name. Amen

  • Sarah

    When I am with other people I am always afraid to talk about about God. Some of this is because I don’t want The wrong answer the other is my friends and family are none believers of God but of everything else, like Ghost, yetti’s etc… so I guess I would be giving up being quiet about God.

  • Lynne Campbell


  • Kimberly Vickers

    Dear Lord,
    Help me to honor you with this temple You so graciously live in. I want to stop drinking sodas, eat more healthy, and be holy with this temple by not joining myself with things that aren’t holy or acceptable in Your sight. Thank You Lord, in Jesus (the most holy) name, amen.

  • Jeffrey Medina

    I missed this message yesterday. Lord I pray that today you would impress on me what is holding me back from glorying you completely. Show me my hang ups and allow me to face them and break them. I lift them up to you. Amen🙌