Todd & Julie Mullins

Lead Pastor

Being with Christ Fellowship from the very beginning, Todd and Julie Mullins have had the privilege of serving the church in leadership roles for more than twenty years. While much has changed through the years, the heart and mission of Christ Fellowship is the same. It's the desire of the church's leadership to see God's Kingdom come and His will be done in people's lives, both individually and as a church family.

In 1988, Todd and Julie led the way in working with First Care, a crisis pregnancy center, to develop and teach a teen abstinence program in Palm Beach County called Be the One. Todd serves on the Pastor Advisory Board for First Care, as well as the Board of Directors for Palm Beach Atlantic University and Place of Hope Children's Home. He is an Associate Trainer with EQUIP, teaching leadership development courses around the world. Todd has earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.

In the spring of 2010, Todd and Julie began a ministry called Hope for Freedom. The goal of Hope for Freedom is to raise awareness of the human trafficking crisis both at home and abroad. Through strategic partnerships, they plan to inspire and equip a generation of modern day abolitionists. They also began a ministry called J1Ten for young adults. J1Ten is based on the Scripture Jeremiah 1:10 that calls this generation to step up and be the leaders of transformation in their world. The J1Ten ministry is inspiring life and purpose to hundreds of young adults in South Florida and calling them to live passionate lives for Christ.

Julie has been instrumental through the years providing leadership to our Children's Ministries at Christ Fellowship. Her background as a teacher coupled with her passion for the church gave her the ability to provide direction and focus for this ministry. As a member of the Directional Leadership Team, Julie continues to help oversee the ministries to the children and teens of Christ Fellowship.

Todd and Julie have been married for 25 years. Their son, Jefferson, enjoys music and drama. Beyond everything, they love Jesus and they LOVE serving the Bride of Christ!

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